why we're Never Cart Path Only

Weather Man is Wrong Again! 4 Reasons Why Peninsula is Rarely Cart Path Only

You never really can trust the weather forecasts along the Gulf Coast, but you can trust that when other courses are wet and cart path only, Peninsula is taken care of. It’s always sunny in Gulf Shores, especially at Peninsula Golf Club!
  1. We are located on a barrier island, which is the equivalent of a large sandbar.
  2. Our soil subsurface is comprised of straight sand – 14 feet of sand, to be exact. The sand you see on the beach is the same as our native soil.
  3. We surface drain well, really well. During the design phase, the golf course architect considered water flow during rainy periods, and how to disperse it efficiently.
  4. We execute exceptional irrigation practices. We only irrigate when necessary, which lends to superior turf health as well as a responsible environmental approach. This probably has something to do with Golf Advisor placing us in the Top 10 Best Conditioned Courses in the U.S. last year!

PS: Peninsula received 16.7 inches of rain in December 2018, and we were still NEVER CART PATH ONLY!